Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it all work?

You contact us to schedule a "meet and greet" so we get a chance to know your dog, we can then schedule dog walks. After the walk you can pay us by cash or card.  To contact us, go to the Contact page and fill out the contact form and we will get back to you. Or you can call us, our phone number and email address are also on the Contact page.

We have a short questionnaire for you to fill out before the first walk.  (It looks like this, feel free to print). 

How do we pay with a card?

Pay anytime from before the walk, at the time of the walk or after the walk. Just go to the Service page and click the Pay Now button.

Do you pick up poop?  

Yes, we bring plastic bags and put them in a trash can.

Do you provide the leash?

We will have a leash on hand, but would prefer to use whatever leash/harness you use, since your dog is used to it.  

What if it is raining / snowing/ hailing /very hot etc.?

We will walk your dog in all kinds of weather!  Exceptions would be extreme weather and thunderstorms. If you feel the need to cancel for weather that is fine, cancel from the contact page, or call us at 505-365-2800. (no texts please)

What time of day do you walk dogs?

We have many times of day available, morning and afternoon.  We homeschool so do not have to work around regular school hours.

Do you have any training?

Yes, we have completed an online dog walking course and are taking Dog and Cat First Aid from the American Red Cross.  We now have one year of experience walking dogs and pet sitting!


Will you walk all kinds of dogs?  What kind of dogs do you walk?

We love all dogs, but don't walk ones what are VERY hard to manage or ones that may be dangerous. Breeds we don't walk are purebred Pit bulls/Bulldogs, Rottweilers, German shepherds, Siberian husky, Boxer, Doberman pinscher, Alaskan malamute (exceptions might be made if you know your dog is not dangerous).

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