Pet Sitting

We will pet sit any kind of animal with love and care: cats, bunnies, parrots, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles and more!
After you contact us, we can set up a time to meet so you can show us what we need to know (food, water, toys, brushes etc..)

We will also have a questionnaire for you to fill out. It looks like this.
Each visit will include giving your pet food and water, playing and attention. 
We will also water plants and bring in mail if requested.


We charge $10 for each visit
(approx ½ hr), we can visit:
Every other day
1× day
2× day ​ (or more)
You can request add-ons for $3 each

Add-ons ($3 each):

Clean up poop
Dog walk (15 min)
Extra attention/play (extra ½ hour)
Each additional pet
​Any other requests...

Please use the Contact page to contact us, email us, or call us!

(All contact information is located on the Contact page)

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