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About the Dog Walkers

My name is Autumn. I am 15 years old and I am really fond of animals. I have two cats at home and love dogs (not to mention cuddling them)! I am passionate about drawing and animating. I also like skateboarding, writing, and have an interest in flying airplanes.

My name is Samuel. I am 12 years old and I love to take walks around the neighborhood with my family. I also love animals and playing fetch with dogs! I am usually shy until I get to know people. I love to code on the computer, cook, play with legos, bike and swim.

How Doggy Paws Started: An Origin Story

Two neighborhood kids loved dogs, but their landlord didn't allow dogs in their house. One day they rescued a kitten from a tree on a hike, and kept it… that sealed the deal; they couldn't have a dog. They mostly only saw dogs when people were walking them, then they would ask to pet them. When the Calf Canyon-Hermit's Peak fires happened in Spring 2022, they went to the Rodeo Grounds where the stray and lost dogs were being kept. They were able to read to the dogs and kept them company.  Around the same time, they were reading a book where one character started walking a neighbor's dog who really needed walks.  They had an idea about starting a dog walking business in their neighborhood, to help dogs who needed exercise and attention! Both were very excited about the idea, especially since they love dogs. It took a while to get the wheels turning, but in a few months they had made a website, flyers, and took a couple of tutorials. In March 2023, they launched Doggy Paws and put flyers on lampposts, followed by their first client.  Doggy Paws is still running strongly; Autumn and Samuel both walk dogs every week, along with pet sitting, and are continuing their mission to make dog lives (and theirs!) more fun and fulfilling.  

Some things they have done with money made from Doggy Paws:  

  • Taken skateboarding lessons, and other fun activities

  • Bought a computer, animation kits, books, art supplies, gifts for people

  • Snacks.  Lots of snacks.


  • Airplane flying lessons

  • Taking a trip with a teen group to another country


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